Build your brand in the medical or legalized market in Germany! 

Cannabis startups



We know Cannabis pretty well and seen a lot
We have a POS network of CBD stores and pharmacies
We build and develop new product outside of your company
We have a network of 12.000 doctors

Your future launchpad?

The Cannabis-Studio is driven by deep data, consumers’ demand and the environment. We are reinventing the future of FMCG in the cannabis industry, building successful brands and desired products from the ground up. Disrupting  the typically rigid and long product development cycle with real data insights, the highest quality and sustainability standards, innovative formulas and exceptional speed to market. A one-stop-shop for building brands and products. We’ve got the tools to connect you with the modern consumer. 

"I want to create a better health industry and want to enable people in the system working on the patient and get supported by software!"

I want to work with great teams who have a product and want to accelerate in sales



We know what customers want. We don’t look for the obvious, we use authentic data insights to determine consumer behaviours and influence our product development.


We’re obsessed with understanding consumers. We identify and connect with them to understand who they are, how they buy and how to provide them with the perfect solutions.


No bullshit. We stand for consumer goods that benefit all life on our planet, no matter what. Our products all follow these principles: cruelty free, vegan, non GMO, no mineral oils, recycled, recyclable, reusable packaging.

Our first batch in Spring 2021 - "Alpha-batch"

In late 2020 we thought that there needs to be another way for Founders and Investors to understand each others expertations and working culture on their venture. So I started with two teams to undestand their expertations. 

Daniel Goldberg

"Searching for a better filter"

For the last three years, I was an Entrepreneur in Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics start-ups. Later, I co-founded Pure Advice, a consulting company, which specializes in making pharma guidelines accessible to the Cannabis industry.


Together with Falk and my team of scientists we looked to develop a new of its kind filter.

Manuel Olariu

"Searching for a better recommendation plattform"

I hust gratuated from university and have a good knowledge of marketing and want to do something in the cannabis industry. 


Together with Falk we developed a recomendation platform for CBD seeker to match them with the right product form. 

Product done! Now want to accelate sales in Germany?

We help your product to get known in Germany by testing different customer segments within 6 months!

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We are launching our plattform to jumpstart your product soon.

In summer of 2024 we want to roll-out our  first batch of startups (but still being in beta!) to boost sales and test out products in the regulated german market!