Always learning, always growing

Falk started as an entrepenur in the last-mile logistic and soon discovered the power of data. In 10+ years, we’ve launched 20+ products and still serve founders more than 8 years now, accummulated enourmous knowledge and evolved into an organization that has the skills, know-how, and experience to handle any business challenge from product design, software development to growth marketing and user engagement optimization. We are based in Köln, Germany which is the gate to the biggest population in whole Europe with more than 17 million habitants in NRW!

We love to dream big and aim high. When you aim high, you get better results, and even if you fail, you’ll fail above everyone else’s success.

Love your partners

Success begins with the right people on board. We want to believe in you, your vision, and your team. We’re passionate about our projects, and we want to be just as passionate about yours.

Empathize with end users

Our top hiring criteria is the ability to understand the end user. Two of the most critical skills in product development are solving problems and caring about the people you’re solving problems for. We only hire people who have it already built in.

Make decisions based on data

No egos. No hunches. Only data. Every time. We research, test, validate, and measure like scientist in the lab. Then, we make decisions and act.

Work tirelesly until the goal is reached

We’re not afraid to fail. We embrace it. We encourage it. We’ve learned how to fail quickly and fail fast. We iterate, experiment, and test as long as it takes to find the perfect solution.

Belgisches Viertel, Köln

Aachener Straße 11

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