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Get your footprint on the german ground and beyond. Position you product in front of doctors and costumers via CBD stores, get patients as fans and develop pharmacists as ambassodors. 



About us

We are a healthcare technology company building a patient-centric healthcare system. Our vertically integrated primary care platform enables personalized, end-to-end healthcare from diagnosis to medication delivery to ongoing care. With a nationwide provider network, home care API, and proprietary pharmacy distribution centers, we seamlessly connect telehealth, diagnostics, and pharmacy services to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare and leverage access for innovation from around the world focusing on alternative medications.

Our network

We support and work with strong partners - why reinvent the wheel?

Our vision

We believe that in 10 years, more healthcare services will be delivered online or at home than in a doctor's office or pharmacy. We are working with our partners and brands to make this reality!

Our investors

We work with individuals with their own go-to-projects as well as with teams from big companies to accelerate their innovation process.


Wir haben es verstanden. Wir sind auch Patienten.

Falk Altenhöfer, FOUNDER


Startups: a race against time. enables startups to launch their next growth phase when the timing is right for them, beginning any month.

With investors asking “What’s your traction, burn rate, and how much runway do you have?” startups can’t wait six+ months to start a program that will help them grow, refine their model, gain customer exposure, and get in front of qualified investors. Unlike rigid cohort-based programs that only accept new startups once or twice per year, begin attaining customer, investor, and model refinement benefits immediately giving them more of what they need most: time.

We focus on accelerating customer acquisition and access to capital. makes offers to startups on a rolling basis and onboards only one new startup in each vertical every month.


You do dev sprints. Now you’ll do Customer Design Sprints. Meet with leading health systems, payers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and self-insured employers. During two-week, customer-focused sprints our startups build their customer pipeline and partnerships, get feedback, and enhance their industry networks. Startups typically pitch 20 executive-level decision-makers accelerating relationships by months. Two-week Customer Design Sprints occur four times per year and each startup goes on two sets of Customer Design Sprints.

COVID-19 update: During the post-COVID-19 recovery, Customer Design Sprints will occur via video conferencing, a hybrid of face-to-face meetings and video conferencing (as guidelines permit), and eventually back to predominantly face-to-face.